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[On the present and future of Japanese Leprosariums--the case of Oshima-seishoen Sanatorium].

Sano, Norihisa.
Nihon Hansenbyo Gakkai Zasshi; 84(2): 67-70, 2015 Sep.
Artigo em Japonês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26630797
In all thirteen national sanatorium in Japan, the number of patients have gradually declined year by year. Although it has been long discussed about maintenance and utilization of facilities in the future, clear and specific plans are still not sufficient. Especially Oshima-seishoen sanatorium, Oshima island is an isolated island located off the coast of Takamatsu port. It is very different from the other Leprosy sanatoriums in that there are no general population other than patients and officials of the sanatorium. So it is very difficult to have outlooks of the future of this sanatorium. In the conversation with the patients, two serious concerns have been raised. Whether patients will be provided support and treatment throughout life. The other one is whether the government would manage the ossuary permanently under the responsibility for the isolation policy of leprosy patients. These two points are also written in promotion measures of Oshima formulated by "Meeting to consider the future of Oshima", that was established in 2013 proposed by Takamatsu city authorities. In the situation of aging of patients accelerating, I considered that to promise these two points are the top priority.
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