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IGF2BP1 harbors prognostic significance by gene gain and diverse expression in neuroblastoma.

Bell, Jessica L; Turlapati, Raseswari; Liu, Tao; Schulte, Johannes H; Hüttelmaier, Stefan.
J Clin Oncol; 33(11): 1285-93, 2015 Apr 10.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-25753434


Chromosomal 17q21-ter gain in neuroblastoma is both a common and prognostically significant event. The insulin-like growth factor-2 mRNA-binding protein 1 (IGF2BP1) gene is located near the proximal edge of this region. Here, its prognostic value is evaluated in neuroblastoma.


The mRNA expression of IGF2BP family members was first evaluated by microarray data sets. In addition, in a separate cohort of 69 tumors, IGF2BP1 gene copy number, mRNA, and protein abundance were determined and compared with clinical parameters.


In two independent microarray data sets, 77% to 100% of tumors had substantial IGF2BP1 mRNA levels measured. High IGF2BP1 transcript abundance was significantly associated with stage 4 tumors (P < .001) and decreased patient survival (P < .001). IGF2BP1 was also associated with MYCN gene amplification and MYCN mRNA abundance. In the 69 neuroblastoma samples, IGF2BP1 DNA copy number (increased in 84% of tumors), mRNA, and protein abundance were significantly higher in stage 4 compared with stage 1 tumors. Importantly, IGF2BP1 protein levels were associated with lower overall patient survival (P = .012) and positively correlated with MYCN mRNA, even when excluding MYCN-amplified tumors. Moreover, IGF2BP1 clearly affected MYCN expression and neuroblastoma cell survival in vitro.


In neuroblastoma, IGF2BP1 was expressed in the majority of neuroblastoma specimens analyzed and was associated with lower overall patient survival and MYCN abundance. These data demonstrate that IGF2BP1 is a potential oncogene and an independent negative prognostic factor in neuroblastoma.
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