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História da saúde da criança: conquistas, políticas e perspectivas. / [History of the child's health: conquers, policies and perspectives].

Araújo, Juliane Pagliari; da Silva, Rosane Meire Munhak; Collet, Neusa; Neves, Eliane Tatsch; Tos, Beatriz Rosana Gonçalves de Oliveira; Viera, Cláudia Silveira.
Rev Bras Enferm; 67(6): 1000-7, 2014.
Artigo em Português | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-25590893
The aim of this study was describing and reflecting about the aspects related to the social history and public policies for the children's health assistance in Brazil. A brief historical contextualization was realized concerning changes on the way the society views the child in Brazil and around the world, also perspectives considering public policies for the children's health in the national context were presented. It was possible to identify that the historical evolution of the child participation in the society is linked to the changes in the assistance public policies, which were demonstrated in the child death decrease and associated to challenges, like the morbimortality reduction caused by perinatal injuries and avoidable causes. The advances and conquers in the child's health are evolved in a paradigmatic change movement into a model of a net formation and a comprehensiveness care. This context requires the human resources preparation for such area, based on the health promotion and prevention, as well as a better quality of life of the population.
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