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Carboxyl-ester lipase maturity-onset diabetes of the young disease protein biomarkers in secretin-stimulated duodenal juice.

Bjorlykke, Yngvild; Vethe, Heidrun; Vaudel, Marc; Barsnes, Harald; Berven, Frode S; Tjora, Erling; Raeder, Helge.
J Proteome Res; 14(1): 521-30, 2015 Jan 02.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-25369532
Patients with carboxyl-ester lipase-maturity-onset diabetes of the young (CEL-MODY) display distinct disease stages toward the development of monogenic diabetes and exocrine pancreatic disease. The finding of differentially increased proteins, some related to MAPK signaling, in a discovery proteomics study of secretin-stimulated duodenal juice in three CEL-MODY patients, prompted us to monitor their abundance in an extensive number of CEL-MODY subjects at different disease stages and controls using targeted proteomics. In the current study, we demonstrate the feasibility of selected reaction monitoring assays to quantify protein levels in secretin-stimulated duodenal juice. Furthermore, we define a set of five peptides for potential use as diagnostic tests in CEL-MODY patients. Finally, we propose a further set of seven proteins with a likely pathogenic role in CEL-MODY disease progression.
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