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Viable purified islets of Langerhans from collagenase-perfused human pancreas.

Warnock, G L; Ellis, D K; Cattral, M; Untch, D; Kneteman, N M; Rajotte, R V.
Diabetes; 38 Suppl 1: 136-9, 1989 Jan.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-2535989
Human islets of Langerhans were isolated with the principles of collagenase perfusion via the pancreatic duct and gentle dissociation of tissue. The number of islets released was 161 x 10(3), distributed as 76 x 10(3) large (greater than 100-micron) and 85 x 10(3) small (less than 100-micron) islets. Recovery after Ficoll-gradient purification was 61% for the large islets and 42% for the small islets. The final islet volume was 240 microliter, with purity of 70-90% (large islets) and 20-40% (small islets). Perifusion with glucose elicited a biphasic release of insulin, with the response rising sixfold from basal secretion. Implantation of pure islets under the kidney capsule of normal or streptozocin-induced diabetic nude mice resulted in human C-peptide secretion and partial or complete reversal of hyperglycemia, confirmed by histological recovery. The data show that these methods provide large quantities of viable purified human islets.
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