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Genetic breeding and diversity of the genus Passiflora: progress and perspectives in molecular and genetic studies.

Cerqueira-Silva, Carlos Bernard M; Jesus, Onildo N; Santos, Elisa S L; Corrêa, Ronan X; Souza, Anete P.
Int J Mol Sci; 15(8): 14122-52, 2014 Aug 14.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-25196515
Despite the ecological and economic importance of passion fruit (Passiflora spp.), molecular markers have only recently been utilized in genetic studies of this genus. In addition, both basic genetic researches related to population studies and pre-breeding programs of passion fruit remain scarce for most Passiflora species. Considering the number of Passiflora species and the increasing use of these species as a resource for ornamental, medicinal, and food purposes, the aims of this review are the following (i) to present the current condition of the passion fruit crop; (ii) to quantify the applications and effects of using molecular markers in studies of Passiflora; (iii) to present the contributions of genetic engineering for passion fruit culture; and (iv) to discuss the progress and perspectives of this research. Thus, the present review aims to summarize and discuss the relationship between historical and current progress on the culture, breeding, and molecular genetics of passion fruit.
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