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Hacia un nuevo modelo de gestión de farmacia en la asistencia integral del paciente con enfermedad renal crónica. / [Toward a new model of pharmacy management comprehensive care of patients with chronic kidney disease].

Muros-Ortega, M; Ramos, R; Molina, M.
Farm Hosp; 38(4): 334-7, 2014 Jul 01.
Artigo em Espanhol | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-25137167


The treatment of chronic kidney disease represents 2.5% of the National Healthcare System budget. Given the panorama of economic crisis, actions aimed at containing the costs in this kind of pathologies should be implemented.


Centralization of the management of the medications used for the treatment of chronic kidney disease and its complications aims at reducing the pharmaceutical expenditure.


The new contracts of public healthcare administrations with companies of dialysis centers establish a single price by which the contractor takes care of the integral management of the patients, including the dialysis therapy and pharmacological treatment. Drug management at dialysis centers will be handled by specialized pharmacists by means of the creation of pharmacy departments or drug warehouse.


these measures aim at improving healthcare of the patient in hemodialysis program, with health benefits at a lower healthcare cost.
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