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Dermoscopy as an auxiliary tool for the diagnosis of furuncular myiasis.

Bernardes Filho, Fred; Martins, Gustavo; Barbará, Eduarda Faísca; Paiva, Maria Luiza Barros de; Coelho Filho, Ricardo Luis Passos; Nery, José Augusto da Costa.
An Bras Dermatol; 89(4): 663-5, 2014.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-25054760
Furuncular myiasis occurs after larvae penetrate on the skin. The disease is characterized by the presence of a nodule with a central hole through which there is serosanguinous exudate drainage. The authors present a case of furuncular myiasis by Dermatobia hominis in which late diagnosis made it necessary to have the orifice margins surgically enlarged in order to extract the larva. They also emphasize that dermoscopy is a useful auxiliary tool in this diagnosis.
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