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Small and round seed 5 gene encodes alpha-tubulin regulating seed cell elongation in rice.

Segami, Shuhei; Kono, Izumi; Ando, Tsuyu; Yano, Masahiro; Kitano, Hidemi; Miura, Kotaro; Iwasaki, Yukimoto.
Rice (N Y); 5(1): 4, 2012.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-24764504
Seed size is an important trait in determinant of rice seed quality and yield. In this study, we report a novel semi-dominant mutant Small and round seed 5 (Srs5) that encodes alpha-tubulin protein. Lemma cell length was reduced in Srs5 compared with that of the wild-type. Mutants defective in the G-protein alpha subunit (d1-1) and brassinosteroid receptor, BRI1 (d61-2) also exhibited short seed phenotypes, the former due to impaired cell numbers and the latter due to impaired cell length. Seeds of the double mutant of Srs5 and d61-2 were smaller than those of Srs5 or d61-2. Furthermore, SRS5 and BRI1 genes were highly expressed in Srs5 and d61-2 mutants. These data indicate that SRS5 independently regulates cell elongation of the brassinosteroid signal transduction pathway.
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