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Tomographic lifetime imaging using combined early- and late-arriving photons.

Hou, Steven S; Rice, William L; Bacskai, Brian J; Kumar, Anand T N.
Opt Lett; 39(5): 1165-8, 2014 Mar 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-24690697
We present a novel, hybrid approach for time domain fluorescence tomography that efficiently combines lifetime multiplexing using late-arriving or asymptotic photons, with the high spatial resolution capability of early photon tomography. We also show that a decay amplitude-based asymptotic approach is superior to direct inversion of late-arriving photons for tomographic lifetime imaging within turbid media. The hybrid reconstruction approach is experimentally shown to recover fluorescent inclusions separated as close as 1.4 mm, with improved resolution and reduced cross talk compared to just using early photons or the asymptotic approach alone.
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