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Gestão do cuidado à tuberculose: da formação à prática do enfermeiro. / [Care management for tuberculosis: from education to the nurse practice].

Barrêto, Anne Jaquelyne Roque; Evangelista, Anna Luisa Figueiredo; de Sá, Lenilde Duarte; de Almeida, Sandra Aparecida; de Almeida Nogueira, Jordana; Lopes, Ana Maria Cavalcante.
Rev Bras Enferm; 66(6): 847-53, 2013 Dec.
Artigo em Português | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-24488455
The study aimed to analyze the relation between the training of the nurse and the actions directed to the management of the care to the tuberculosis. With qualitative nature, it was performed in one of the cities of the metropolitan region of João Pessoa-PB. The subjects were ten nurses of the Health Family Strategy. The data collection was performed in February 2010 using a semi structured interview script. To examine the empiric material it was used the technique of content analyzes. In the testimonies of the nurses there was predominance of the thematic TB in the hospital space; they approach either the superficiality and the distance of the care to TB related to the relation between the theory and the practice, and the absence of direct care to the patient of TB during training; according to them, the organization of the services points to a mechanicist and task based practice. One concluded that there is necessity of training institutions to come close to the health services, in a dialogic relation, to organize better the learning spaces.
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