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A comparative study of five centrally acting drugs on the pharmacological treatment of obesity.

Suplicy, H; Boguszewski, C L; dos Santos, C M C; do Desterro de Figueiredo, M; Cunha, D R; Radominski, R.
Int J Obes (Lond); 38(8): 1097-103, 2014 Aug.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-24287940
CONTEXT No long-term studies have compared centrally acting drugs for treating obesity.


To compare the efficacy and safety of diethylpropion (DEP), fenproporex (FEN), mazindol (MZD), fluoxetine (FXT) and sibutramine (SIB) in promoting weight loss. DESIGN AND


A prospective, randomized, placebo (PCB)-controlled study conducted at a single academic institution. PATIENTS A total of 174 obese premenopausal women. INTERVENTION Participants randomly received DEP 75 mg (n=28), FEN 25 mg (n=29), MZD 2 mg (n=29), SIB 15 mg (n=30), FXT 20 mg (n=29) or PCB (n=29) daily over 52 weeks. Diet and physical activity were encouraged. MAIN OUTCOME


The primary endpoints were changes in body weight and the proportion of women who achieved at least 5% weight loss by week 52 in the intent-to-treat population. Other measurements included anthropometry, safety, metabolic and cardiovascular parameters.


Weight loss was greater than PCB (-3.1±4.3 kg) with DEP (-10.0±6.4 kg; P<0.001), SIB (-9.5±5.9 kg; P<0.001), FEN (-7.8±6.9 kg; P<0.01) and MZD (-7.4±4.9 kg; P<0.01) but not with FXT (-2.5±4.1 kg). Ten (33.3%) women lost⩾5% of their initial weight with PCB, compared with 20 (71.4%; P<0.001) with DEP, 20 (69%; P<0.02) with FEN, 21 (72.4%; P<0.01) with MZD, 22 (73.3%; P<0.001) with SIB and 10 (35.5%) with FXT. Each medically treated group experienced more adverse events compared with PCB (P<0.001). Compared with PCB, constipation was more prevalent with DEP, SIB and MZD (P<0.01); anxiety was more prevalent with DEP (P=0.01); and irritability occurred more frequently with DEP and FEN (P=0.02). Significant improvements in the depression and anxiety scores, binge-eating episodes and quality of life correlated with weight loss.


The centrally acting drugs DEP, FEN, MZD and SIB were more effective than PCB in promoting weight loss in obese premenopausal women, with a satisfactory benefit-risk profile.
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