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T cell susceptibility to HIV influences outcome of opportunistic infections.

Saharia, Kapil K; Koup, Richard A.
Cell; 155(3): 505-14, 2013 Oct 24.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-24243010
During HIV infection, the timing of opportunistic infections is not always associated with severity of CD4 T cell depletion, and different opportunistic pathogens reactivate at different CD4 T cell thresholds. Here, we examine how differences in the phenotype and function of pathogen-specific CD4 T cells influence susceptibility to HIV infection. By focusing on three common opportunistic infections (Mycobacterium tuberculosis, human papillomavirus, and cytomegalovirus), we investigate how differential depletion of pathogen-specific CD4 T cells impacts the natural history of these pathogens in HIV infection. A broader understanding of this relationship can better inform treatment strategies against copathogens.
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