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Early diagnosis of tuberculosis in the health services in different regions of Brazil.

Villa, Tereza Cristina Scatena; Ponce, Maria Amélia Zanon; Wysocki, Anneliese Domingues; Andrade, Rubia Laine de Paula; Arakawa, Tiemi; Scatolin, Beatriz Estuque; Brunello, Maria Eugenia Firmino; Beraldo, Aline Ale; Scatena, Lucia Marina; Monroe, Aline Aparecida; Sobrinho, Reinaldo Antonio da Silva; de Sá, Lenilde Duarte; Nogueira, Jordana de Almeida; Assis, Marluce Maria de Araújo; Cardozo-Gonzales, Roxana Isabel; Palha, Pedro Fredemir.
Rev Lat Am Enfermagem; 21 Spec No: 190-8, 2013.
Artigo em Inglês, Português | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-23459907


To analyze the infected person's first contact with the health services, for the early diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) in different regions of Brazil.


a cross-sectional study undertaken in 6 municipalities in the South-east, South and North-east regions of Brazil. Data collection involved secondary sources and interviews with the patients. The data was analyzed using descriptive techniques and multiple correspondence factor analysis.


Primary Health Care (PHC) presented the longest time to diagnosis and the lowest proportion of diagnoses. The services associated with diagnosis in the first consultation were the specialized services and the Tuberculosis Control Programs, which offer consultations and tests on-site.


For the control of TB, it is necessary to organize the work in an integrated way between the different services' teams. In Primary Health Care, it is also necessary to observe the extent of incorporation and sustainability in the implementation of these actions into the health services' daily practice.
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