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Nanostructures formed by displacement of porous silicon with copper: from nanoparticles to porous membranes.

Bandarenka, Hanna; Redko, Sergey; Smirnov, Aleksandr; Panarin, Andrei; Terekhov, Sergei; Nenzi, Paolo; Balucani, Marco; Bondarenko, Vitaly.
Nanoscale Res Lett; 7(1): 477, 2012 Aug 23.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-22916840
The application of porous silicon as a template for the fabrication of nanosized copper objects is reported. Three different types of nanostructures were formed by displacement deposition of copper on porous silicon from hydrofluoric acid-based solutions of copper sulphate: (1) copper nanoparticles, (2) quasi-continuous copper films, and (3) free porous copper membranes. Managing the parameters of porous silicon (pore sizes, porosity), deposition time, and wettability of the copper sulphate solution has allowed to achieve such variety of the copper structures. Elemental and structural analyses of the obtained structures are presented. Young modulus measurements of the porous copper membrane have been carried out and its modest activity in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy is declared.
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