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Satisfação profissional do enfermeiro professor de enfermagem: um estudo qualitativo. / [Professional satisfaction of the nurse professor: a qualitative study].

Ferreira, Elaine Maria; Tanaka, Luiza Hiromi; Friedländer, Maria Romana.
Servir; 57(1-2): 20-7, 2009.
Artigo em Português | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-21495399
The aim of this study was to recognize the satisfaction of the nurse professor of the nursing graduation course and to identify factors which, according to the professors, interfere in this state of satisfaction. Semi-structured interviews were performed with eight nurse professors from an official nursing school in the city of São Paulo. The results were analyzed according to the plan of the content analysis proposed by Bardin, under a qualitative approach. The results showed that they feel satisfied regarding their labor activities and the positive or negative influential feeling of satisfaction of the professors coincide and have a relation with the student, the teaching institution and the professors themselves. Evidence of the important influence of the teaching period of service and the trajectory of the professor formation suggest the need of new studies related to these factors.
Selo DaSilva