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Prevalence of fecal carriage of extended-spectrum ß-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae among healthy adult people in Japan.

Luvsansharav, Ulzii-Orshikh; Hirai, Itaru; Niki, Marie; Nakata, Arisa; Yoshinaga, Aya; Moriyama, Toshiki; Yamamoto, Yoshimasa.
J Infect Chemother; 17(5): 722-5, 2011 Oct.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-21359543
In Japan, the prevalence of extended-spectrum ß-lactamase (ESBL) producers in hospital settings has shown an increasing trend. In the present study, we investigated the prevalence of the fecal carriage of ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae among healthy adults. Stool samples were collected for the phenotypic and genotypic identification of ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae. We found the prevalence of ESBL producers to be 6.4% by phenotypic identification, and 92.9% of them possessed the bla(CTX-M) gene. Among the CTX-M ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae, we identified 11 Escherichia coli and 2 Klebsiella pneumonia strains. The findings suggest that the fecal carriage of CTX-M-type ESBL producers by healthy people is rapidly increasing in Japan. This may be one of the causes of the increased spread of ESBL-producing bacteria in hospitals.
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