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The protective effect against Leishmania infection conferred by sand fly bites is limited to short-term exposure.

Rohousová, Iva; Hostomská, Jitka; Vlková, Michaela; Kobets, Tetyana; Lipoldová, Marie; Volf, Petr.
Int J Parasitol; 41(5): 481-5, 2011 Apr.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-21310158
Under laboratory conditions, hosts exposed twice to sand fly saliva are protected against severe leishmaniasis. However, people in endemic areas are exposed to the vector over a long term and may experience sand fly-free periods. Therefore, we exposed mice long- or short-term to Phlebotomus duboscqi bites, followed by Leishmania major infection either immediately or after a sand fly-free period. We showed that protection against leishmaniasis is limited to short-term exposure to sand flies immediately before infection. Our results may explain the persistence of leishmaniasis in endemic areas and should be taken into account when designing anti-Leishmania vaccines based on sand fly saliva.
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