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Trafficking of B cell antigen in lymph nodes.

Gonzalez, Santiago F; Degn, Søren E; Pitcher, Lisa A; Woodruff, Matthew; Heesters, Balthasar A; Carroll, Michael C.
Annu Rev Immunol; 29: 215-33, 2011.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-21219172
The clonal selection theory first proposed by Macfarlane Burnet is a cornerstone of immunology (1). At the time, it revolutionized the thinking of immunologists because it provided a simple explanation for lymphocyte specificity, immunological memory, and elimination of self-reactive clones (2). The experimental demonstration by Nossal & Lederberg (3) that B lymphocytes bear receptors for a single antigen raised the central question of where B lymphocytes encounter antigen. This question has remained mostly unanswered until recently. Advances in techniques such as multiphoton intravital microscopy (4, 5) have provided new insights into the trafficking of B cells and their antigen. In this review, we summarize these advances in the context of our current view of B cell circulation and activation.
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