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Genetic variability in wild genotypes of Passiflora cincinnata based on RAPD markers.

Cerqueira-Silva, C B M; Conceição, L D H C S; Santos, E S L; Cardoso-Silva, C B; Pereira, A S; Oliveira, A C; Corrêa, R X.
Genet Mol Res; 9(4): 2421-8, 2010 Dec 21.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-21174261
The genetic diversity and characteristics of commercial interest of Passiflora species make it useful to characterize wild germplasm, because of their potential use for fruit, ornamental and medicinal purposes. We evaluated genetic diversity, using RAPD markers, of 32 genotypes of Passiflora cincinnata collected from the wild in the region of Vitória da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil. Thirteen primers generated 95 polymorphic markers and only one monomorphic marker. The mean genetic distance between the genotypes estimated by the complement of the Dice index was 0.51 (ranging from 0.20-0.85), and genotype grouping based on the UPGMA algorithm showed wide variability among the genotypes. This type of information contributes to identification and conservation of the biodiversity of this species and for the identification of pairs of divergent individuals for maximum exploitation of existing variability.
Selo DaSilva