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A fungicidal piperazine-1-carboxamidine induces mitochondrial fission-dependent apoptosis in yeast.

Bink, Anna; Govaert, Gilmer; François, Isabelle E J A; Pellens, Klaartje; Meerpoel, Lieven; Borgers, Marcel; Van Minnebruggen, Geert; Vroome, Valérie; Cammue, Bruno P A; Thevissen, Karin.
FEMS Yeast Res; 10(7): 812-8, 2010 Nov.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-20726898
To unravel the working mechanism of the fungicidal piperazine-1-carboxamidine derivative BAR0329, we found that its intracellular accumulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is dependent on functional lipid rafts. Moreover, BAR0329 induced caspase-dependent apoptosis in yeast, in which the mitochondrial fission machinery consisting of Fis1 (Whi2), Dnm1 and Mdv1 is involved. Our data are consistent with a prosurvival function of Fis1 (Whi2) and a proapoptotic function of Dnm1 and Mdv1 during BAR0329-induced yeast cell death.
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