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Polymorphisms and disease: hotspots of inactivation in methyltransferases.

Rutherford, Karen; Daggett, Valerie.
Trends Biochem Sci; 35(10): 531-8, 2010 Oct.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-20382027
Methyltransferases catalyze the methylation processes essential for protein/DNA repair, transcriptional regulation, and drug metabolism in vivo. More than 500 human methyltransferase polymorphisms have been identified, many of which are linked to disease. We mapped all available coding polymorphisms of seven methyltransferases onto their structures to address their structural significance, and identified a polymorphic hotspot ∼20Šfrom the active site in four of the proteins. Molecular dynamics simulations of these proteins reveal a common mechanism of destabilization: the mutations alter important side-chain contacts within the polymorphic site that are propagated through the protein, thereby distorting the active site. We propose that this hotspot might have arisen to modulate enzymatic activity, with decreased activity actually conferring an advantage in three of the four methyltransferases.
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