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Necessidades de saúde de mulheres em processo de amamentação. / [Health needs of women in the process of breastfeeding].

Shimoda, Glicéria Tochika; Silva, Isília Aparecida.
Rev Bras Enferm; 63(1): 58-65, 2010.
Artigo em Português | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-20339756
Our objective was to identify the health needs of women in their breastfeeding process. We interviewed 238 women and organized data according to proposal of the Collective Subject Discourse. By using the taxonomy of Matsumoto we found Necessity of good conditions of life (having good alimentation; to work or to study; having time for itself; having sleep and adequate rest; having good mental health; having good conditions to breastfeed the baby); Necessity to have access to all the health technologies that contribute to improve and to draw out the life (to deal with the breastfeeding problems, to have access to health services); Necessity to have bond with a professional or health team; Necessity of self-care and autonomy and in the choice in the way of 'walking the life' (to have orientation about breastfeeding; to receive support from the professional; to feel self-confident to breastfeed).
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