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[Pathologic diagnosis of specific infections in upper aerodigestive tract].

Tian, Cheng; Liu, Hong-Gang; Jin, Yu-Lan; Zhang, Sheng-Zhong.
Zhonghua Bing Li Xue Za Zhi; 38(6): 389-92, 2009 Jun.
Artigo em Chinês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-19781345


To find a fast and simple method for detection of specific pathogens in upper aerodigestive tract.


Sixty-one cases of specific infections in upper aerodigestive tract encountered during a 10-year period in Beijing Tongren Hospital were retrospectively studied. Six histochemical stains, including PAS, Giemsa, Gram, methylene blue, modified Warthin-Starry and acid-fast stains were applied. The morphology of different pathogens was studied and the staining patterns were compared.


There were 23 cases of pharyngeal treponemal infection, 10 cases of short treponemal infection, 4 cases of mycobacterial infection, 4 cases of infection by rhinoscleroma bacilli, 1 case of sinonasal fungal infection, 1 case of combined infection of bacteria and Oidium albicans, 2 cases of tonsillar Actinomycetes and 16 cases of non-specific bacterial infections. Both pharyngeal treponemal infection and infection by rhinoscleroma bacilli could be detected by modified Warthin-Starry stain. As for sinonasal fungal infection, PAS, Giemsa and modified Warthin-Starry stains were useful in differentiating different types of fungi. Mycobacteria were best demonstrated by conventional acid-fast stain.


Special histochemical stains performed on histologic sections are useful for diagnosing specific infections in upper aerodigestive tract.
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