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Blimp-1 induced by IL-4 plays a critical role in suppressing IL-2 production in activated CD4 T cells.

Wang, Lu; van Panhuys, Nicholas; Hu-Li, Jane; Kim, Sohee; Le Gros, Graham; Min, Booki.
J Immunol; 181(8): 5249-56, 2008 Oct 15.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-18832679
Although an inhibitory function of IL-4 in CD4 T cell IL-2 production has long been recognized, a mechanism mediating the inhibition remains unclear. In this study we demonstrate that IL-4 displays a potent suppressive function in IL-2 production of activated CD4 T cells through STAT6. IL-4-induced IL-2 suppression required IL-2 because IL-2 neutralization restored the production of IL-2 even in the presence of IL-4. In vivo, enhanced IL-2 production was found in nematode-infected IL-4- or STAT6-deficient animals, whereas immunization in the presence of IL-4 substantially diminished IL-2 production by Ag-specific CD4 T cells. IL-2 mRNA expression was reduced when T cells were stimulated in the presence of IL-4, whereas IL-2 mRNA decay was unaltered, suggesting that IL-4 mediates the suppression at a transcriptional level. Blimp-1 induced by IL-4 stimulation in activated CD4 T cells was found to be necessary to mediate the IL-2 inhibition as IL-4-mediated IL-2 suppression was less pronounced in activated CD4 T cells deficient in Blimp-1. Taken together, our results demonstrate a potential link with IL-4, Blimp-1, and IL-2 production, suggesting that Blimp-1 may play an important role in controlling IL-2 production in activated T cells and in adaptive T cell immunity.
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