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Outcome of cerebellar injury in very low birth-weight infants: 6 case reports.

Bednarek, Nathalie; Akhavi, Ahmad; Pietrement, Christine; Mesmin, François; Loron, Gauthier; Morville, Patrice.
J Child Neurol; 23(8): 906-11, 2008 Aug.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-18660474
Cerebellum injury is a severe and underestimated complication in very low birth-weight infants. Six cases of extreme premature babies are reported: 3 of them died during the neonatal period; the other 3 survived with severe neurological disabilities. Microcephaly, strabismus, and severe developmental delay without major motor handicap are very peculiar for the preterm in the long-term outcome. Easy diagnosis is possible by specific ultrasound windows and early diagnosis is required regarding the possible severe prognosis and to organize precisely the follow-up.
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