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Long-term outcome of primary angioplasty compared with fibrinolysis across age groups: a Danish Multicenter Randomized Study on Fibrinolytic Therapy Versus Acute Coronary Angioplasty in Acute Myocardial Infarction (DANAMI-2) substudy.

Fosbøl, Emil Loldrup; Thune, Jens Jakob; Kelbaek, Henning; Andersen, Henning Rud; Saunamäki, Kari; Nielsen, Torsten Toftegaard; Mortensen, Leif Spange; Køber, Lars.
Am Heart J; 156(2): 391-6, 2008 Aug.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-18657676


Primary angioplasty in patients with acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction has been shown to be superior to fibrinolysis. Whether elderly patients have the same long-term benefit from angioplasty, compared with fibrinolysis, as younger patients is unknown.


The effect of angioplasty versus fibrinolysis was investigated in 1,572 patients from the DANAMI-2 study across age groups. End points were total mortality and a composite end point of death, reinfarction, or disabling stroke. Follow-up was 3 years.


Increasing age was associated with mortality (adjusted hazard ratio [HR] 2.45 per 10 year increment, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.78-3.37, P < .0001) and a higher composite event rate (adjusted HR 1.51, CI 1.26-1.82, P < .0001). The long-term superiority of angioplasty over fibrinolysis on the combined outcome was independent of age: patients aged <56 years (HR 0.73, CI 0.41-1.31); 56 to 65 years (HR 0.83, CI 0.52-1.33); 66 to 75 years (HR 0.71, CI 0.48-1.04); and >75 years (HR 0.83, CI 0.59-1.17) (P = .006 for overall treatment effect and P = .5 for interaction between age and treatment). There was no long-term effect of angioplasty versus fibrinolysis on mortality and no interaction with age (P = .5 and P for interaction = .6).


The long-term effect of primary angioplasty compared with fibrinolysis in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction is not affected by age.
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