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A 6.9 Mb 1qter deletion/4.4 Mb 18pter duplication in a boy with extreme microcephaly with simplified gyral pattern, vermis hypoplasia and corpus callosum agenesis.

Andrieux, Joris; Cuvellier, Jean-Christophe; Duban-Bedu, Bénédicte; Joriot-Chekaf, Sylvie; Dieux-Coeslier, Anne; Manouvrier-Hanu, Sylvie; Delobel, Bruno; Vallee, Louis.
Eur J Med Genet; 51(1): 87-91, 2008 Jan-Feb.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-18053786
We here report a boy presenting with developmental delay, growth retardation, facial dysmorphisms, vermis hypoplasia, micropolygyria and corpus callosum agenesis. Conventional and high resolution cytogenetic analyses were normal but high resolution oligonucleotide array-CGH, performed at the age of 4 years, allowed the characterisation of a de novo 6.9 Mb 1qter deletion/4.4 Mb 18pter duplication. Numerous 1qter deletions have already been described associated with brain malformations. Among 1q44 deleted genes, AKT3 is the strongest candidate gene for vermis hypoplasia and corpus callosum agenesis.
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