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Innervation of submucosal adipocytes in the human colon.

Hanani, Menachem; Nissan, Aviram; Freund, Herbert R.
Neurosci Lett; 428(1): 7-10, 2007 Nov 20.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-17949904
The submucosal plexus regulates various activities of the gastrointestinal mucosa. As the submucosa in the human colon contains adipose tissue we hypothesized that submucosal neurons might also innervate this tissue. We stained submucosal nerves for the enzyme NADPH-diaphorase, which is a marker for nitric oxide synthase-containing nerves. This resulted in the staining of neurons in submucosal ganglia and numerous nerve fibers throughout the submucosa. These fibers were found to be in close contact with adipocytes, and in many cases fine nerve fibers displaying varicosities were found on the surface of these cells. At least some of these fibers originated from submucosal neurons. In addition, cell bodies of submucosal neurons were in close proximity to adipocytes. It is concluded that submucosal nerves innervate adipose tissue in the submucosa, which is a novel role for these nerves, and might have important functional implications.
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