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Transcriptome analysis of the Vibrio fischeri LuxR-LuxI regulon.

Antunes, Luis Caetano M; Schaefer, Amy L; Ferreira, Rosana B R; Qin, Nan; Stevens, Ann M; Ruby, Edward G; Greenberg, E Peter.
J Bacteriol; 189(22): 8387-91, 2007 Nov.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-17827287
The Vibrio fischeri quorum-sensing signal N-3-oxohexanoyl-l-homoserine lactone (3OC6-HSL) activates expression of the seven-gene luminescence operon. We used microarrays to unveil 18 additional 3OC6-HSL-controlled genes, 3 of which had been identified by other means previously. We show most of these genes are regulated by the 3OC6-HSL-responsive transcriptional regulator LuxR directly. This demonstrates that V. fischeri quorum sensing regulates a substantial number of genes other than those involved in light production.
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