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Computerized nursing process in critical care unit using the ICNP--Beta2.

Dal Sasso, Grace T M; Peres, Heloísa Ciqueteo; Silveira, Denise Tolfo.
Stud Health Technol Inform; 122: 1021-3, 2006.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-17102526
The process of nursing is an assertive solving problem approach to the identification and care of patients' problems as well as an instrument of education in Nursing. At the CCU, due to the complexity of care, constant changes in the clinical situation of patients and the elevated amount of information, the informatics is seen as a way to the development of the nursing process and consequently improvement of the quality of care. Therefore, this methodological study and technological production was developed with 05 nurses of the CCU aiming describing the development of the nursing computerized process in the CCU from the ICNP Beta 2 and demonstrating the contributions to the improvement of nursing care. The ethical principals of the resolution 196/96 of CNS were followed and constituted 03 production phases: planning, development and production of the B version. The evaluation process interposed the system production phases and made it possible necessary modifications to be done. The evaluations make noteworthy that a new conception of nursing care practice is established; the process of nursing informatics makes the care more notorious, organized and permits the early mistake detection; the program allows a continuous learning and explicit clinical decision making of the nurse. Therefore, information systems and related technology are necessary in order to create, democratize, and apply knowledge in nursing.
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