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Investigation of class characteristics in English handwriting of the three main racial groups: Chinese, Malay and Indian in Singapore.

Cheng, Nellie; Lee, Gek Kwee; Yap, Bei Sing; Lee, Lee Tiang; Tan, Sock Kim; Tan, Koon Puay.
J Forensic Sci; 50(1): 177-84, 2005 Jan.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-15831016
This paper investigated the class characteristics in English handwriting of the Chinese, Malays and Indians in Singapore, many of whom learned their native language as a second language. One hundred and fifty-four handwriting exemplars were collected and features such as letter designs, pen-lifts, letter spacing and embellishments were studied. A number of characteristic features peculiar to the individual racial group were identified, which confirmed the impact of their native language writing systems on English handwriting.
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