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Comparing the Dr. SEDOC and ADA toothbrushes in three independent laboratory procedures.

Yankell, S L; Shi, Xiuren; Emling, R C; Kang, Han C.
J Clin Dent; 15(1): 33-6, 2004.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-15218714


The purpose of this research was to compare the Dr. SEDOC toothbrush, tufted with super-tapered bristles, to the ADA standard toothbrush in three laboratory procedures designed to evaluate 1) the cleaning ability of toothbrush bristles at the gingival margin (GMC), 2) interproximal access efficacy (IAE) and plaque removal efficacy, or 3) subgingival access (SA) into, and removal of artificial plaque deposits from under the gingival margin.


Efficacy was tested using three published laboratory methods, with pressure-sensitive paper placed around simulated teeth, at a brushing pressure of 250 or 500 g, with horizontal or vertical brushing motions. Twenty-four tests on each toothbrush design were conducted, and results were statistically analyzed using ANOVA.


In all three assays, the Dr. SEDOC toothbrush had a significantly superior (p < 0.001) efficacy mean value compared to the ADA toothbrush.


The Dr. SEDOC toothbrush, with super-tapered bristles, offers the potential for improved cleaning and plaque removal compared to the ADA standard control toothbrush.
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