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Erythème nécrolytique migrateur révélateur d'un glucagonome sans diabète. / [Necrolytic migratory erythema revealing glucagonoma without diabetes].

Marty, Cécile; Bennet, Antoine; Bayle, Paule; Danjoux, Marie; Lalande, Thibaud; Marguery, Marie-Claude; Bazex, Jacques.
Ann Med Interne (Paris); 154(8): 552-6, 2003 Dec.
Artigo em Francês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-15037834
We report a case of glucagonoma syndrome, revealed by a necrolytic migratory erythema that had developed for four Years, associated with anorexia, severe weight loss, anemia, hypoprotidemia, and hypoaminoacidemia. The fasting blood glucose level tended paradoxically to be low (0.6 g/l). Elevated plasma glucagon levels confirmed our diagnosis. The absence of diabetes was explained by an independent insulin secretion derived from this composite pancreatic tumor, authenticated by the histological analysis and the proinsulin level. This level was similar to those typically observed in insulinomas. Six Months after a complete surgical exeresis, symptoms disappeared and biological results returned to normal values.
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