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Interactions of antifungal plant defensins with fungal membrane components.

Thevissen, Karin; Ferket, Kathelijne K A; François, Isabelle E J A; Cammue, Bruno P A.
Peptides; 24(11): 1705-12, 2003 Nov.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-15019201
Plant defensins are small, basic, cysteine-rich peptides that are generally active against a broad spectrum of fungal and yeast species at micromolar concentrations. Some of these defensins interact with fungal-specific lipid components in the plasmamembrane. Structural differences of these membrane components between fungal and plant cells probably account for the selective activity of plant defensins against fungal pathogens and their nonphytotoxic properties. This review will focus on different classes of complex lipids in fungal membranes and on the selective interaction of plant defensins with these complex lipids.
Selo DaSilva