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Prévention de la démence: est-ce possible? / [Prevention of dementia: is it possible?].

Pepin, J L; Myressiotis, S; Ceulemans, S.
Rev Med Liege; 58(4): 220-4, 2003 Apr.
Artigo em Francês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-12868324
Development of dementia depends on genetic susceptibility and on risk factors accessible to primary prevention. Among the latter, vascular risk factors are well defined: prevention of hyperhomocysteinemia, diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia, and, to some extent, of arterial hypertension could avoid the cognitive decline of dementia. Estrogen replacement therapy, antiinflammatory drugs, alcohol, vitamin E and intellectual activities seem efficacious in term of primary prevention. When dementia is present, only vitamin E, selegiline and some antiinflammatory drugs have proved efficacy compared to placebo to slow the cognitive decline. Long-term effects of cholinesterase inhibitors need to be investigated in future trials.
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