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Detection of maternal serum hCG glycoform variants in the second trimester of pregnancies affected by Down syndrome using a lectin immunoassay.

Talbot, J A; Spencer, K; Abushoufa, R A.
Prenat Diagn; 23(1): 1-5, 2003 Jan.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-12533803


To assess whether glycoform variants of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) are present in altered concentrations in the maternal serum in pregnancies affected by Down syndrome.


In a series of 50 cases of pregnancies complicated by Down syndrome and 278 unaffected pregnancies, we have examined maternal serum levels of hCG glycoforms (GlyhCG) in samples collected in the second trimester (14 to 21 weeks) using a sialic acid binding lectin immunoassay. We have compared these levels with those of other second trimester serum markers (Free beta-hCG, alpha fetaprotein (AFP) and Total hCG) and modelled detection rates and false positive rates of various biochemical markers in conjunction with maternal age using a maternal age standardized population.


Maternal serum GlyhCG in cases of Down syndrome was significantly elevated (Median MoM 1.81) with 15 of 50 (30%) cases above the 95th centile for unaffected pregnancies. Free beta-hCG was also elevated (Median MoM 2.16) with 18 of 50 (36%) cases above the 95th centile. AFP levels were reduced (Median MoM 0.75) with 9 of 50 (18%) cases below the 5th centile. Total hCG levels whilst elevated (Median MoM 1.88) had only 15 of 50 (30%) cases above the 95th centile. Maternal serum GlyhCG levels showed significant correlation with total hCG and free beta-hCG (r = 0.6880 and 0.6922) in the Down group but not with AFP (r = 0.1237). When GlyhCG was combined together with AFP and maternal age, at a 5% false positive rate, the modelled detection rate was 53%, some 13% lower than when free beta-hCG was used and some 7% lower than when total hCG was used.


Maternal serum GlyhCG, as measured by the sialic acid-binding lectin immunoassay is unlikely to be of additional value when screening for Down syndrome in the second trimester.
Selo DaSilva