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Satisfaction, Resolution and Social Participation of users of Centers for Dental Specialties in Brazil: A PMAQ-CEO Analysis

Cavalcanti, Yuri Wanderley; Cardoso, Andreia Medeiros Rodrigues; Padilha, Wilton Wilney Nascimento.
Pesqui. bras. odontopediatria clín. integr; 18(1): 3774, 15/01/2018. tab
Artigo em Inglês | LILACS, BBO - Odontologia | ID: biblio-966855


To describe satisfaction, resolution and social participation of users regarding the service offered in Brazilian Centers for Dental Specialties (CEOs). Material and


An analysis was made of the first phase of PMAQ-CEO, developed during 2014, in which 8,897 users were interviewed. Module III of the instrument external evaluation was used, considering the socio-demographic characterization of the assisted population, and an analysis of satisfaction, resolution and social control of Brazilian CEOs. The bivariate and multivariate Poisson regression analysis with robust variance was used (α<0.05).


The profile of interviewed users is female, from the Northeastern region, brown color, living in the urban zone, incomplete elementary school, income of up to two minimum wages and resident of area covered by the family health strategy. The overall CEO rating is "good" (46.1%) or "very good" (49.2%). The score (0 to 10) given to reception staff and dentists was, respectively, 9.31±1.32 and 9.52±1.02. Among subjects who completed treatment (33.3%), the resolution was 95.3%. Although 89.1% stated they never needed to file a complaint, 68.4% did not know the Unified Health System ombudsman. The positive evaluation of CEO was associated with the good evaluation of professionals involved (p<0.05) and the absence of treatment interruption due to lack of material (p=0.037).


The satisfaction of users with the services of Centers for Dental Specialties is high and treatments offered are resolutive. Social control tools need to be better known by users.
Biblioteca responsável: BR1264.1
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