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A micro-focusing and high-flux-throughput beamline design using a bending magnet for microscopic XAFS at the High Energy Photon Source.

Tang, Kun; Zheng, Lei; Zhao, Yi Dong; Liu, Shu Hu; Ma, Chen Yan; Dong, Yu Hui.
J Synchrotron Radiat; 26(Pt 5): 1835-1842, 2019 Sep 01.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31490178
An optical design study of a bending-magnet beamline, based on multi-bend achromat storage ring lattices, at the High Energy Photon Source, to be built in Beijing, China, is described. The main purpose of the beamline design is to produce a micro-scale beam from a bending-magnet source with little flux loss through apertures. To maximize the flux of the focal spot, the synchrotron source will be 1:1 imaged to a virtual source by a toroidal mirror; a mirror pair will be used to collimate the virtual source into quasi-parallel light which will be refocused by a Kirkpatrick-Baez mirror pair. In the case presented here, a beamline for tender X-rays ranging from 2.1 keV to 7.8 keV, with a spot size of approximately 7 µm (H) × 6 µm (V) and flux up to 2 × 1012 photons s-1, can be achieved for the purpose of X-ray absorption fine-structure (XAFS)-related experiments, such as scanning micro-XAFS and full-field nano-XAFS.
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