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Assistência Farmacêutica nos 30 anos do SUS na perspectiva da integralidade. / Assistência Farmacêutica nos 30 anos do SUS na perspectiva da integralidade. / Pharmaceutical Services and comprehensiveness 30 years after the advent of Brazil's Unified Health System.

Bermudez, Jorge Antonio Zepeda; Esher, Angela; Osorio-de-Castro, Claudia Garcia Serpa; Vasconcelos, Daniela Moulin Maciel de; Chaves, Gabriela Costa; Oliveira, Maria Auxiliadora; Silva, Rondineli Mendes da; Luiza, Vera Lucia.
Cien Saude Colet; 23(6): 1937-1949, 2018 Jun.
Artículo en Portugués, Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29972501
This article examines pharmaceutical services and access to essential medicines in Brazil during the 30 years since the advent of Brazil's Unified Health System from a comprehensiveness perspective. The following topics are addressed: the "realignment" of pharmaceutical services; human resources in pharmaceutical services; the essential medicines concept; the rational use of medicines; technological advances and drug manufacturing; and ethical regulation. With a strong regulatory focus and a structural framework centered on the National Medicines Policy, the past three decades represent a mixture of progress and setbacks, considering the national complexities of the healthcare system and the political, economic and social changes that have influenced policy and access to medicines, which is a key concern even in the world's richest countries, as the forums of discussion on global health have demonstrated. We show that major steps forward have been taken, highlighting that the recent fiscal austerity measures imposed by the government threaten to seriously undermine social progress.
Selo DaSilva