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Femtosecond laser pulse shaping at megahertz rate via a digital micromirror device.

Gu, Chenglin; Chang, Yina; Zhang, Dapeng; Cheng, Jiyi; Chen, Shih-Chi.
Opt Lett; 40(17): 4018-21, 2015 Sep 01.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26368701
In this Letter, we present a scanner and digital micromirror device (DMD)-based ultrafast pulse shaper, i.e., S-DUPS, for programmable ultrafast pulse modulation, achieving a shaping rate of 2 MHz. To our knowledge, the S-DUPS is the fastest programmable pulse shaper reported to date. In the S-DUPS, the frequency spectrum of the input pulsed laser is first spread horizontally, and then mapped to a thin stripe on the DMD programmed with phase modulation patterns. A galvanometric scanner, synchronized with the DMD, subsequently scans the spectrum vertically on the DMD to achieve a shaping rate up to 10 s MHz. A grating pair and a cylindrical lens in front of the DMD compensate for the temporal and spatial dispersion of the system. To verify the concept, experiments were conducted with the DMD and the galvanometric scanner operated at 2 kHz and 1 kHz, respectively, achieving a 2 MHz speed for continuous group velocity dispersion tuning, as well as 2% efficiency. Up to 5% efficiency of S-DUPS can be expected with high efficiency gratings and optical components of proper coatings.
Selo DaSilva