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Perceived quality of communication amongst outpatients in western and traditional Chinese medicine clinics in a Chinese population.

Chung, Vincent Chi Ho; Lau, Chun Hong; Wong, Eric Ming Chung; Yeoh, Eng Kiong; Griffiths, Sian Meryl.
Health Policy; 90(1): 66-72, 2009 Apr.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-18937993


This study investigates differences in perceived communication by patients of the quality of outpatient episodes in an urban Chinese population.


A representative, population based survey was conducted in Hong Kong, China. A random sample of respondents aged >15 years who had received outpatient care the 30 days previous to enumeration were invited to evaluate communication with their doctors and the overall quality of their latest consultation.


The majority thought that their clinicians were listening carefully (93.5%), explaining clearly (93.1%), expressing appropriate respect (93.8%), and were allocating sufficient time for consultation (89.5%). 97.6% gave 5-10 points out of 10 for overall healthcare quality. Compared to users of private western medicine (WM) services, multivariate analysis showed that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) patients were more likely to rate their clinicians highly for listening skills but low for respect. Users of WM public services were more likely to be dissatisfied with all evaluated aspects. Favourable ratings were more likely to be expressed by those who are older, less educated, and those who paid by indemnity insurance.


We have highlighted three unique observations first, patients' perception of clinician-patient communication in out patients differs between WM and TCM. Second, patients who used public WM services rate the quality of their visits lower than those in the private WM sector. Lastly, we have observed a negative association between higher education background and satisfaction level. Further researches are warranted.
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