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Dix ans d'avancées en infectiologie : SIDA/HIV, vers l'arrêt de la transmission. / [Ten years ahead in infectious diseases : AIDS/ HIV towards stopping transmission].

Struvay, S; Plum, P E; Pirard, C; Meuris, C; Sauvage, A S.
Rev Med Liege; 75(5-6): 356-361, 2020 May.
Artigo em Francês | MEDLINE | Jun 2020 | ID: mdl-32496679
Resumo: In order to end the AIDS pandemic, new infections must be avoided. This prevention can be divided into four axes depending on the risk of exposure to the HIV virus. Over the past decade, new prevention strategies supported by various studies have emerged. These are effective when they are used in combination. Some are not without risk or even controversial according to some authors.