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"Pairing assistance": the effective way to solve the breakdown of health services system caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

Chen, Tianxiang; Wang, Ying; Hua, Lei.
Int J Equity Health; 19(1): 68, 2020 05 15.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Maio 2020 | ID: mdl-32414384
Resumo: The most terrifying thing about pandemic could be the large number of patients running against the health service system, which causes a serious shortage of health resources, especially medical personnel. Plotting mortality and diagnosis rates against medical staff resources in 16 cities in Hubei Province, where the epidemic was initially concerned and the most severe, shows a significant negative correlation, indicating the critical role of medical staff resources in controlling epidemics. Nevertheless, it is difficult to ensure that there exist enough medical personnel in cities severely hit by the outbreak. China provides solutions by adopting nationwide "pairing assistance" measures with at least one province assisting one city to alleviate pressure in the most severe area. By plotting the number of patients receiving treatment against day, it is clear that implementing "pairing assistance" is a turning point in China's fight against epidemics.