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Advancing E-Mental Health in Canada: Report From a Multistakeholder Meeting.

Strudwick, Gillian; Impey, Danielle; Torous, John; Krausz, Reinhard Michael; Wiljer, David.
JMIR Ment Health; 7(4): e19360, 2020 Apr 30.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Abr 2020 | ID: mdl-32330114
Resumo: The need for e-mental health (electronic mental health) services in Canada is significant. The current mental health care delivery models primarily require people to access services in person with a health professional. Given the large number of people requiring mental health care in Canada, this model of care delivery is not sufficient in its current form. E-mental health technologies may offer an important solution to the problem. This topic was discussed in greater depth at the 9th Annual Canadian E-Mental Health Conference held in Toronto, Canada. Themes that emerged from the discussions at the conference include (1) the importance of trust, transparency, human centeredness, and compassion in the development and delivery of digital mental health technologies; (2) an emphasis on equity, diversity, inclusion, and access when implementing e-mental health services; (3) the need to ensure that the mental health workforce is able to engage in a digital way of working; and (4) co-production of e-mental health services among a diverse stakeholder group becoming the standard way of working.