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[Medical and social factors in the study of morbidity of employees of the educational public sector].

Vvedenskiy, A I.
Artigo em Russo | MEDLINE | Nov 2019 | ID: mdl-31765535
Resumo: The article determines the relevance of the research of morbidity of employees of the educational budget sphere. In the article it is noted that employees of the sphere of education are typical representatives of the system of budget financing. A wide range of parameters that can affect the health and well-being of teachers. Factors such as age, the frequency and chronic nature of diseases, work in a state of some malaise, pedagogical activity in unsatisfactory conditions, dissatisfaction with relations with colleagues and administration, loneliness, can make a different contribution to the processes of deterioration of health and state of health. Thus, the article determines that persons working in the field of education, more often than representatives of the compared groups, for the preservation and strengthening of their own health resort to walks in the fresh air, healthy eating and rest in a sanatorium. In turn, among the employees of the educational sphere is more common rejection of bad habits. The article makes an important conclusion that among the representatives of the educational sphere a quarter of the respondents experience constant malaise and fatigue after work, that is, more than half of the employees of the educational sphere are subject to significant emotional and even physical stress, leading to fatigue and further to diseases. The article presents the figures and the main conclusions of the study of medical and social factors of morbidity of employees of the educational public sector.