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Evaluation of Clinical Acceptability of Perindopril / Indapamide Single-pill Combination in Moderate to Severe Hypertension.

Kalra, Sanjay; Sosale, Aravind; Shah, Siddharth N; Jabre, Georges; Joseph, Sofi; Rajarshi, Manjusha.
J Assoc Physicians India; 67(9): 65-68, 2019 Sep.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Set 2019 | ID: mdl-31561692
Resumo: Background: Current European hypertension guidelines recommend to initiate the treatment of patients with moderate to severe hypertension with a Single Pill Combination (SPC) containing two drugs, as SPC use leads to more effective and faster blood pressure control. The guidelines also recommend tighter blood pressure control in hypertensive patients with cardiovascular risk factors such as diabetes mellitus. Objective: To evaluate efficacy on blood pressure reduction and acceptability of the single pill combination of Perindopril/Indapamide in patients with moderate to severe hypertension. Methods: In this multicentre, prospective, observational study, patients with moderate to severe hypertension were prescribed Perindopril 4mg/ Indapamide 1.25 mg for 90 days. The primary outcomes were blood pressure decrease and achievement of BP control. Patients were up-titrated to Perindopril 8 mg/Indapamide 2.5 mg SPC, if target BP control (≤140/90 mm Hg) could not be achieved by day 30. Results: In this study, 173 hypertensive patients, with a mean age of 51 years were enrolled at 3 centres from different geographic areas within India. Mean SBP/DBP decreased significantly from baseline (155.70 (±10.39) / 95.72 (±6.99) mmHg) over 90 days (30.31 (±14.15) / 17.14 (±9.33) mmHg; p < 0.0000). Few side effects were reported during the 90-day period. Conclusion: : Perindopril/Indapamide given as a SPC was found to be an effective and well-tolerated antihypertensive combination resulting in rapid blood pressure control in patients with moderate to severe hypertension.