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Terapias complementares no trabalho de parto: ensaio clínico randomizado. / Terapias complementares no trabalho de parto: ensaio clínico randomizado. / Complementary therapies in labor: randomized clinical trial.

Cavalcanti, Ana Carolina Varandas; Henrique, Angelita José; Brasil, Camila Moreira; Gabrielloni, Maria Cristina; Barbieri, Márcia.
Rev Gaucha Enferm; 40: e20190026, 2019.
Artigo em Português, Inglês | MEDLINE | Set 2019 | ID: mdl-31553374
Resumo: OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of isolated and combined warm shower bath and perineal exercise with Swiss ball, on perception of pain, anxiety and labor progression. METHOD: Randomized, controlled clinical trial with 128 patients allocated into three groups of therapies: isolated and combined bath and ball. Pain and anxiety perception was evaluated before and thirty minutes after therapeutic intervention through visual analogic scales (VAS). RESULTS: Pain perception score increased, and anxiety decreased in all groups, mainly when using a shower bath. The cervical dilation increased in all groups (p<.001), as well as the number of uterine contractions increased, mainly in the group that used combined bath and ball and also showed shorter labor time. CONCLUSION: The studied therapies contribute to maternal adaptation and well-being and favor labor's evolution.