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Early clinical exposure through a vertical integration programme in physiology.

Savitha, D; Iyengar, Arpana; Devarbhavi, H; Mathew, T; Rao, S; Thomas, T; Kurpad, Anura V.
Natl Med J India; 31(5): 296-300, 2018.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | 2018 | ID: mdl-31267999
Resumo: Background: Early clinical exposure is likely to be beneficial during the preclinical year. This pilot programme aimed to define a learning framework of introducing first year medical students to early clinical exposure through a vertical integration programme in the physiology course. The intent was to enhance the understanding of theoretical concepts and practical applications of physiology. Student and faculty perceptions were evaluated. Methods: First year MBBS students (n = 60) had bedside clinics conducted by 5 clinical departments, where the clinical context and applied physiological concepts were emphasized. Clinical sessions were synchronized with pedagogic highlights on related physiological concepts. The student's perceptions were recorded through a semi-structured questionnaire, while qualitative feedback was obtained from the faculty. Results: All students ( 100%) reported that the programme was relevant and did not interfere with their physiology course. Most (91%) appreciated the synchronization of classroom knowledge with clinical exposures, and thought that integrated teaching helped in better understanding of practical applications of physiology (94%) with adequate discussions during the sessions (91 %). Fifty-nine (98%) students preferred integrated teaching over the isolated traditional classroom teaching. The clinicians involved also felt that the early clinical exposure was relevant. The students achieved a mean (SD) score of 13 (2.98) of 25 in the quiz consisting of multiple-choice questions that attempted to test their learning through early clinical exposures. Conclusion: This pilot exercise showed the utility of early clinical exposure integrated into the physiology course. It will be worthwhile to replicate this exercise at other institutions and among a larger student strength.