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The histopathological pattern of benign and non-neoplastic skin diseases at King Fahad Hospital, Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

Albasri, Abdulkader M; Ansari, Irfan A.
Saudi Med J; 40(6): 548-554, 2019 Jun.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | Jun 2019 | ID: mdl-31219488
Resumo: OBJECTIVES: To characterize and compare the histopathological pattern of benign skin diseases in patients from Madinah region of Saudi Arabia. METHODS: This retrospective study was conducted at the Department of Pathology, King Fahad Hospital, Madinah, Saudi Arabia, and contained cases of benign skin diseases for 11 years (from January 2006 to December 2017). The findings were tabulated in Microsoft Excel sheet and classified based on histopathological diagnosis. RESULTS: Of 1,125 skin tissues reviewed, 579 (51.5%) specimens were from male patients and 546 (48.5%) specimens were from females giving a male: female ratio of 1.1:1. The ages ranged from 1 to 101 years with a mean age of 36.9±9.8 years. Most of the skin diseases (n=639; 57%) were seen in the age group 20-49 years. The most common skin diseases observed were disorders of skin appendages (29.6%) followed by benign tumors (18.3%), disorders of pigmentations (11.9%), papulosquamous lesions (11.4%), and dermatitis/eczema (10%). In the group of skin appendages disorders, epidermal inclusion cyst was the most common disease entity representing 20.4% of cases, followed by trichilemmal cyst accounting for 9.2% of the total cases. Mean ages of the patients were 35±8.5 years and 36.7±9.7 years respectively. CONCLUSION: A variety of benign skin lesions were seen in the present study in a wide age distribution range. The most common skin diseases observed in this study were skin appendage disorders, benign skin and adnexal tumors, pigmentation disorders, and papulosquamous lesions.